Your Gold Party Package Includes:

-Welcome & Warm Up

-Foxy Dance Moves

-Hostess Gift

-Posed pictures on your cameras or phones

90 minutes...$399

  • "Body positive, full of energy, great with all skill levels, and SEXY!" -Kelly
  • "Empowering, approachable, fun, sexy and supportive." -Meredith
  • ​"Expressive, sexy, empowering!" -Megan​

Private Classes Celebrating Bachelorettes, Birthday Girls,

or any Ladies' Night In are provided for your group on location. 

​Classy, Sassy, Flirty, Fun for Women 18+

Travel fees may apply. Custom packages are available!

  • "Empowering, self confidence boosting experience and of course fun!" -Kathryn​
  • ​​" I have walked away feeling sexy!! You know how to make ever body shape comfortable!!" -Deborah
  • "Life changing. Confidence and empowerment wrapped up in a fun and supportive package...She made everything seem possible." -Elisa​

Your Silver Party Package Includes:

-Welcome & Warm Up

-Foxy Dance Moves

-Posed pictures on your cameras or phones

60 Minutes...$299

  • "Not only was it sexy, but it also taught the women of the class to love their bodies just the way they are. Thank you!" -Steph Chandler
  • "An hour with her and you will be happier, learn something, and love yourself a little more!" -Tamara Muth Russell
  • ​​​​"Inspiring, making you feel beautiful, sexy and confident in your skin whatever you do. [This] dance class changed the way I lived and what I thought I knew about myself. Thank you." -Alisa

​"Santa Baby" performance at the Capital Region Salsa Social

Love The Skin You're In with Stephanie "Marie ReMoan" Bandosik!


Who is welcome?

Women of all ages 18+, shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and abilities are welcome!

What should we wear?

Wear clothing that allows full freedom of movement yet is not so baggy that you feel frumpy. Think "yoga".

What about shoes?

Non-skid soles are best. Comfortable heels are fine if we are not dancing on carpet. Socks are allowed. No sneakers please.

Foxy Move #1

  • ​"It was a blast! Entertaining and a great workout too!" -Kerry Z.
  • "Empowering and freeing! You did a great job inviting us to enjoy and explore our bodies.​Thanks for loving yourself and reflecting that to others so wonderfully!" -Victoria G.

Three Tips To Love The Skin You're In! 

  • "In a word? FABULOUS! AMAZING! WONDERFUL!  I would definitely recommend it!" -Evelyn Ellison
  • "It was about learning how to see yourself as sexy—how to be confident. It was about learning to look in the mirror again, grown-up and aware of your imperfections, and think, now that is what a woman is supposed to look like." -Kathryn Lange
  • ​​"Cheerfully shows you how to be the most positive and alluring YOU you can be. Happy to work to your strength and fitness limitations." -Jen​

Self-Esteem Is Spiritual & Sexy!

Interview by Angela Kaufman

*** "Love The Skin You're In" is for Women 18+ Only ***

Music, Movement & Meaningful Connections
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Proudly Serving: Public Events, Private Parties, Schools, Senior Centers, Community Centers, Libraries, Museums, Summer Camps, Places of Work, Places of Worship, and More! 

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Foxy Trot™ Dance LLC uses music, movement & meaningful connections to optimize community, group, and individual wellness through stories and dance. Classes come to you! 

Your Platinum Party Package Includes:

-Welcome & Warm Up

-Foxy Dance Moves

-Games and Prizes

-Hostess Gift

-Posed pictures on your cameras or phones

120 Minutes...$499